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I am absolutely enchanted by the Model S from Tesla Motors and a big fan of their mission. I have the same feeling about Tesla as I did about Apple in the early 1990’s. Wonder, excitement, and a completely new way of making the what we have been used to into something so obviously simple we couldn’t believe no else had done it yet. Personal transportation (PT) is now officially forever changed.

Tesla is Apple

Apple has transformed the music industry and the personal computer industry, redefined the handset into a smartphone, remade retailing and introduced the tablet.

How did they do it? They broke with conventional wisdom and overcame the inertias that weigh firms and industries down. But the main ingredient of success in my opinion, is they made products that worked with people’s daily lives. Seamless integration and regular updates. No tribal language code. A near flawless user experience. Products that are beautiful to look at. They make products that people can and want to use. You have to stretch your budget a bit to gain that experience, but things are worth what you pay for.

I feel Tesla is going about things in a similar way. Someone said to me the other day that they thought General Motors could have made the Tesla. That’s like saying Sears could have been Amazon. Neither was possible. Too much being tied to the past. A freight train of inertia not about to slow down for anything.

It takes new thinking and ideas to re-invent.

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  1. Absolutely agree with you. The performance, looks, green effect are all nice, but the reason I bought a Tesla was to own the first iPhone of Cars.

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